Terms of Use

Every website needs to have a rules or terms of use page. It is essential for all visitors to know what and how things are to be used. Please read the below carefully. Files are uploaded to either of the following: SendSpace or STnet's server. Please do not abuse of our download links. Thank you.

Our files and its contents are not to be used in items that are to be sold for monetary profit (commercial use).

Our downloads are not to be redistributed, uploaded or shared in any way, shape or form. ie. through collections, zips, emails, websites ...etc

File names must remain intact.

You may customize the items to suit your creating needs. ie. recoloring, resizing, mix & matching ...etc

You must be able to link back to STnet (or provide some form of credit if you have no website of some kind), if you are offering requests with our items; creating content for your personal or website needs; or content for others to use ...etc

Direct linking to our pages, content (other than those w/ code provided) and download files is strictly prohibited.

We have the right to change our terms at any given time. Abuse of our terms will result in removal of our downloads.

Agree to our terms? Then you may click here to view the Downloads menu. Otherwise, please leave this part of the website. Thank you.

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