DIY & Signature Makers: Terms of Use

All items in these makers have been made by Karla "Silent Eyez" and are property of STnet.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Glitter Sigs must always accompany STnet's link code. You are not to remove or alter our code in any way.

Signatures created with our Signature Makers must not be sold, redistributed (in any way shape or form) or offered as requests. They are for personal use only.

None of the items in our makers are to be ripped, zipped, uploaded to generators or for creating your own makers.

Direct linking to our makers, pages and props is strictly prohibited. DIY makers are the only items that may be direct linked using the code provided.

We have the right to change our terms at any given time. Abuse of our terms will result in removal of our makers.

Sorry, Signature Makers may not work in the FireFox browser (they have a drag & drop script). IE is highly recommended for their use.

Agree to our terms? Then you may click here to view the Sig Makers menu. Otherwise, please leave this part of the website. Thank you.

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