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Please take a moment to read the following information before applying for our ad rotaions. Thank you.

o1. The rotation script is placed in the right frame. A new link is shown each time the frame is refreshed.

o2. Website must not be of inappropriate nature (tasteless, vulgar, obscene, violent...etc), as our visitors are of all ages.

o3. We have the right to refuse any applications. Please do not take it in offense or be rude to us for not accepting your website to be advertised.

If you are interested in being advertised with us, please e-mail your information. If easier for you, e-mail to silenteyez(at)hellokitty(dot)com. Be sure to use -:-STnet Ad Rotation-:- as the subject line, otherwise your e-mail will be disregarded, deleted and/or marked as sp@m. Please include your website URL, direct-linkable 88x31 button link and desired title (ALT) text for your website.

Thank you for reading and for your interest. We look forward to having your website advertised with us. ^-~

~Silent Eyez & Lady Blue~

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