Site History

The name "Silent Tears", came about in 2002 (its original name was "SsilentearsS"). It began as an AOL page builder and was made up of many animated graphics and dolls that were found throughout the WWW. It also had some cartoon dolls that I assembled with different dollmakers. At this time, I also created another website which I named, "Silent Devotion".

After its AOL days, it was hosted by a free website host (I forgot the name) for a while, then I found and switched to them instead. I wasn't quite keen on the HTML and CSS coding but I was getting there. I remained with FW for quite awhile! Even after having purchased my own domain on Janurary 6th, 2005. I kept it as a backup plan and also for people to be able to find my new "home" through the redirect link. Unfortunately, FW changed their terms and I was unable to access my old website again (I had 2 other websites with them too, Heiis Beiis [Hells Bells] & Silent Devotion). And so, my FW website is now long gone...

I chose "silentears" as the domain name because I did not want to have that double "T" in the name (silenttears). The domain and hosting plan were purchased through Surpass. My knowledge for HTML is, I'd like to say, a lot improved. Yet, there's still so much to learn. My websites are built using Frames because that's just what I'm comfortable with. And well, I've never gotten the hang of working with the "2.0" (tableless) style of designing. So, I'll probably stick to Frames forever ... ha ha ha!

Since I did not want to offer the content my website originally had, I decided to make my own graphics. Back then, MySpace was real popular and so were the "glitter graphics". And well, that is what I went for. I love glitter graphics to begin with so it was not something I found hard or boring to do. However, I did offer graphics in one style just in different colors and as I learned more about what people were looking for, that is when I began creating more original and unique graphics. You may still find some of the "same old" graphics but in time, that will be changed. As you may have read in previous site updates, I am replacing a lot of the old with new.

On April 4th, 2007 ST had gained a website partner, Lady Blue of LB Graphics (no longer open). Maria is my gem and I am so happy to have met her ♥ She first began contributing graphics for fun and I thought it would be great to have her join me as a co-owner, so I asked and she accepted. However, long after, I was back on my own managing and creating for my website. And there you have it ;]

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