STnet Hostees

We do not hold open offers for hosting, so please do not ask. These are hostees that we have offered personally.

Fruit Flava

Sparkle and Karla have known each other for a while, now. She's such a cool person and lots of fun. She comes up with the awesomest layouts for her website. There's tons of stuff for her visitors to check out. Can we say "eye candy"? Worth a visit, definitely! ;]

The Princess Chateau

TPC is the brainchild of Princess June. Karla is also a co-owner and enjoys every minute of it :] TPC offers pretty dollies & girly glitter graphics. TPC is a more mature and classier version of the old website, LTEC (Let Them Eat Cake).

Sensual Dolls

Karla also co-owns a mature website called Sensual Dolls, along with Renee (Cute Collectables) & Kimber (Sisterhood Dolls), that offers adoptable signature tags, doll bodies & heads and more! *link can be found in SEyez' "About Me" page* *Note* Website is not being updated any longer. But there is stuff for you to see and adopt!

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